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Success Story @ Hoop HQ

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Our Soft Opening on July 5th 2021 was nothing short of excitement for everyone. Our new facility offers; Four Official size glass backboards, strung crisp netted basketball rims, freshly painted key lines and newly polished wood flooring with squeaky sneaker sounds on every move, we welcomed over 50 plus visitors during our soft opening!

What services do we currently offer??

At Hoop HQ we help young athletes not only develop their Basketball game skills and fundamentals but also help them grow their individual character to develop strong communication skills, team work, personal courage, resiliency, and passion for the game. Our mission statement "Defy the Odds - Be Exceptional" says it all. Our team of Veteran Coaches and Mentors are USA Basketball Certified, experienced AAU Basketball Champions and have a strong Basketball culture and background experience with the local communities.

Monthly Membership:

  1. Two training sessions per week (specific to level)

  2. Training resources from our top experienced coaches

  3. Access to open gym to Weekly Non-Instructional shooting sessions

Summer Camp 2021:

Like Professional and all serious athletes, summer time is the best time to put in the extra work to grow, develop stronger, faster and better! Through our intense one week camp program, we make sure you will get better in the following;

1. Improved Fundamental Skills; passing, shooting, dribbling, positioning and footwork

2. Advance Shooting form and techniques for game time situations

3. Defensive strategies, play making and situational awareness

4. Conditioning programs for strength, speed and vertical jump

5. Character Development: attention to details, patience and determination

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