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Basketball Hoop

Hoop Tots

New Program coming this Fall to the Hoop HQ is designed to get our super youngling students to get started early on their basketball journey. Our class will be taught by no other than one of the best mentors we have in our community.

Class Dates & Sessions: All classes are on Mondays starting at 10 AM.

(5 classes per session)

  • September 4th to October 2nd  - Session 1 

  • October 9th to November 6        - Session 2

  • November 13 to December 11      - Session 3

For all registrations, please register below. All late registrations will be able to overlap class credit into the next session.

This class is designed for young students, ages 3 - 5, to enhance motor skill development, coordination & confidence. Participants are introduced to the fundamentals of basketball; dribbling, shooting, and passing. Basketball for Tots is a perfect entry-level program that allows children to learn.


Early Bird Catches the worm 

Kids who participate in sports learn early to have better control of their bodies. This positively affects important motor functions like coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and balance.. Kids who develop these skills also develop the neural pathways to support them, and the positive effects can last a lifetime.


Character Development

Several studies have shown taking part in early sport can help in the development of your child's self-esteem and confidence. 



Social Skills

Kids involved in early sports develop better social skills which would benefit them even when they grow older. Playing sports teaches them about teamwork and cooperating with others. They learn to interact with people from different ages.


Maintain Discipline

Any sport requires the athletes to maintain discipline and focus. The discipline could be mental, physical, or tactical. Discipline helps the player achieve their goals and also reach their fullest potential. Additional benefits include to help build good habits to an active long term lifestyle.


The Best & Perfect Instructor

With a Grandmaster experience and a Sage motivator mindset even when he just looks at you. Coach, John Garwood is the ultimate exceptional leader in Basketball training and development. 


Coach, John Garwood

Coach Garwood has inspired hope, talent, growth, unity and compassion around all the people he has touched and worked with for over 30 years! His experience with the Neighborhood Basketball Program for the past 25 years has helped numerous kids grown to be amazing people, athletes and top professionals. 

Over the years under John’s Neighborhood Basketball Program, numerous young kids go on to play very high levels of basketball. One recent mention, Ricardo Hopping played for Azusa Pacific University (2017-2020), Hopping was named the 2018 All-Palomar League first team. Another growth from John’s program was Kemie Nkele who played for UC Riverside. During the 2008-2009 season, she took the school women’s team to their first NCAA Basketball Tournament appearance. Kemie graduated and went on to play professionally for the OA Hanai Women’s team in Greece. She continued her passion through coaching at Idaho State University.

Last but not least, Coach Garwood also coached our Hoop HQ, head coaches Coach Aaron and Coach Noel during their youth playing periods. As coach Garwood would say,

"Everything I do for the kids is for their survival"


                             - John Garwood


John Garwood was a player of the San Diego State University Aztec Team (1980-1982)

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