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Led by Aaron Luong



Our program focuses on developing our girl players' skillset. This progression program will allow the girls to learn the basic fundamentals of basketball to more advance skillset. We have engineered our program to help the girls not only develop a strong basketball skillset including ball handling, footwork, shooting, IQ, but as well as developing a strong mindset and confidence in themselves to apply to life.


All players will be asked to fill in a form and undergo evaluation to help determine which class is best for your player. All classes WILL BE based on skillset level. All players will be in that class to learn what is required and slowly be able to move on to the next level class. This will allow players to gain a higher quality experience to develop, learn and apply to actual game scenarios.

Please note that Coaches' will recommend you to join a certain day and class is based on knowledge that your player will get our quality experience. Although players can select the day they attend class, the coach's recommendation is highly recommended.


The Power Program welcomes all players at all ages. Classes will be offered based on the player's skillset and experience. The girls begin with an evaluation and be graded into Development, Intermediate, Advance level classes. Once the players have made progress, our coaches will invite them to advance to the next class level. 

Class Schedule  -  1 hour class

WED  |  6:00PM-7:00PM  |  Age 8-16  
MON  |  6:00PM-7:00PM  |  Age 9-14 

THUR  |  4:00PM-5:00PM  | Age 12-14

To begin your evaluation, please email

  • Girl Power Member

    Every month
    +$30 Registration Fee
    1 Class Per Week
    • Girl Power Training Program
    • Recurring Monthly Payment
    • Includes Open Gym Access
  • Best Value

    Girl Power Member

    Every month
    +$30 Registration Fee
    2 Classes Per Week
    • Girl Power Training Program
    • Recurring Monthly Payment
    • Includes Open Gym Access
  • 5 Class Bundle

    Girl Power Training Class - 5 class purchase
    • Upon Completion of classes, repurchase is required
    • Girl Power Training Program
    • Includes Open Gym Access

For recurring charge, to cancel Membership, please email

Training Principles



One of the most important aspects players need not only in basketball, but in life. Workouts will gradually build players' self confidence which will allow a higher chance of players applying what they do during training sessions to games.



Players will go through game-like stimulations that will occur

in game. Allowing the player to gain the knowledge on action to do in specific situations they will face in games.



Players will understand that the slow process is what is going to help them a lot, because it will develop a deeper understanding for that action. Players will go through a lot of repetitions in workouts, instilling the idea that continuously working and after putting in a lot of repetitions the action they are practicing will translate to their performance.

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