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COACH NOEL is our head development coach for our Youth programs. Coach Noel is a complete Veteran when it comes to coaching with years of experience. He brings a positive energy, attitude and effective communication in helping young players grow and develop their complete game of basketball abilitiesAs a USA Basketball Certified Coach, he brings a lot to the table with his experience from Team Empower; AAU Teams/Champions, Sun Devils High School, coaching in numerous tournaments and competition games for various age groups. 

At the Hoop HQ Coach Noel oversees our day to day basketball coaching operations ensuring both quality of learning and coaching expectations are met by our players and coaching staff. 

His coaching methods and style brings a lot of value to everyone he works with. 


  • All basketball basic fundamentals

  • Defensive Specialist

  • Great Offensive understanding in timing, positioning and footwork

  • Development in sharp focus mentality and overall game intelligence 


Working with coach Noel one-on-one will greatly get your player the help and attention he/she needs. Achieve growth to becoming a better player, in a shorter and more effective time span. We make sure you are happy with what you learn and satisfied with the development of your player's achievements.

"Good offense wins games, Great Defense wins Championships"


Our young athletes develop their own game style and confidence 

  • KEY TO SUCCESS Learning the basketball fundamentals

  • DEVELOPMENT IN DEFENSE Players will take priority in playing great defense the most important part of the game

  • PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT  Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Footwork, Offensive/Defensive Intelligence

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