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Coach Aaron is the Director of Player Development for Hoop HQ. His 7 years of  basketball player development experience gave him the opportunity to work with all levels of athletes ranging from beginner all the way to collegiate and professional basketball players. His workouts are tailored around what the player needs to improve on their weaknesses while enhancing their strengths. Coach Aaron's workouts offers players a safe environment for them to learn while building self confidence, which will allow a higher chance for players to translate what they learned onto their performance. 

Training Principles



One of the most important aspects players need not only in basketball, but in life. Workouts will gradually build players' self confidence which will allow a higher chance of players applying what they do during training sessions to games.



Players will go through game-like stimulations that will occur

in game. Allowing the player to gain the knowledge on action to do in specific situations they will face in games.



Players will understand that the slow process is what is going to help them a lot, because it will develop a deeper understanding for that action. Players will go through a lot of repetitions in workouts, instilling the idea that continuously working and after putting in a lot of repetitions the action they are practicing will translate to their performance.


"Aaron helped me developed my shot coming out of juco and cotinues while I was playing at Cal Poly Humboldt. He helped me with my shooting mechanics. We get our work in and he holds people accountable. Whether you're on the 13u team or on scholarship in college you're going to get good work in and will help develop your skills."

Deion Alston

Cal Poly Humboldt Alumni 2020

"Training with Aaron is different than how I've ever trained with any individual probably my whole career. We watch film and study techniques of my game to better my craft each session. The way he is able to break down parts of game and build on it is remarkable. Consistency is also a huge when it comes to getting better. That's what makes him stnad out form other trainers. Not only is he a great skills coach, but he's a friend, a life long friend that I can say has helped shaped the player I am today! Nothings better than walking into The Hoop HQ knowing I'm going to leave a better player day in and day out! I can't wait to get back to the lab this summer! My guy Aaron!"

JJ Overton 

Utah Valley University/Weber State University/Pro Player

"I have been training with Aaron since middle school and now I am currently going into my second year of playing in college. Over the years of training Aaron has helped me develop my shooting, ball handling, and decision making. His ability to go into detail and hold me accountable is what sets him apart from other trainers. I always leave workouts better than when I came in. Aaron's influence spreads to off the court as well. He is very caring and always willing to put others ahead of himself. He is a great trainer, friend and coach."

Spencer Hall

Grossmont College

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