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Summer League 2024

Which Basketball League is best for my students?

Our Hoop HQ, Youth Basketball League is divided into few levels;

Division I is our most entry level or 1st league play level. It is designed for students who are just beginning to learn the game and discovering how to control their motor skills for basketball. For most of our young kiddos it is their first time playing organized basketball. For Ages 5 to 8. 

Division I.5 is currently a new PROTO TYPE DIVISION for the summer of 2024. These are players have played a few seasons in Division I and are more knowledgably of the game. The young kiddos here are not shy and are ready to score and play! For Ages 6 to 8.

This Division will be identified and created from Division I registrations

Division II is our 2nd league play level offered at the Hoop HQ. At this level students are held accountable to most of the basic basketball rules. Some players have advanced from Division I through their growth and experience while others are learning what works best for their game. For Ages 8 to 11.

What is the Club Progression League?


The Club Progression League are for players who have or are close to out growing the Division II level of game play. Players maybe playing both Division II & Club Progression simultaneously. 

This level was created to bridge the much needed gap between recreational basketball game play and Club level game play. 

The Club Progression platform will provide players a healthy level of challenges and proper competition to ultimately better prepare and ease player readiness to playing the higher level of AAU and Club play basketball.

Green to Gold, a display of Independence and Confidence, Rising from the Ashes.

Club Progression.png

League Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to provide players the right platform to grow their basketball game. This gives coaches the right environment to mentor and effectively teach their young club team.

Our league will focus on making sure the right level of competition is competing. This maximizes success in development and minimizes breaking confidence in young players. 

Additionally, we will focus on building a strong collaboration between all of our participating club team coaches to make sure we get this right. 

We believe our Judgement Free League is the right way to teach basketball and our ultimate goal is to help young players be more prepared for their basketball growth

"Everything I do is for the survival of the kids"

-John Garwood

What is Included?

3 Special Packages to choose from this Summer! (Premium, All-Star, MVP) 3

6 Games Guaranteed (5 seasonal games plus playoffs)

Game Dates, are all on Saturday mornings & afternoon; July (13, 20, 27) | August (3, 10, 17)

Printed Player Photo; one individual and one team.

Awards/Trophies at the end of the season.

Hoop HQ, Sunday Open Gym Access. (11 AM to 3 PM)

Great extra individual practice. No team practice during this time.

  • **New additions to Summer 2024** - (Preseason Mini Camp, Extra Practice Days, Extra Game days)

  • PRE Season Mini Camp - June 29 (Division I & I.5 @ 9 AM | Division II & Club Progression @ 11 AM) - 1.5 HOURS LONG

  • League Start & End Time: June 29  & ends August 17, 2024.

  • First Practice for ALL - Starting week of July 1st 2024, Special Arrangements TBD

  • First Game Day: July 13, 2024 (Game Time TBD)

  • Game Days: JULY (13, 20, 27) | AUG (3, 10, 17)

  • Playoffs / Championship: August 24, 2024.

  • Assigned Team Practice Times on Fridays (1 Practice a week, make up practice dates available Monday or Wednesday at 4 PM) Additional training is provided through a purchase of Hoop HQ Membership.

  • All practices are conducted at Hoop HQ, a beautiful indoor facility.

  • All games are at the Hoop HQ facility - Game Day: Saturday

  • Includes: Unlimited Open Gym Access, Team Jersey, Team Photo & Awards at the end of the season

For questions please contact: Yau Luong,, text or call 619-845-1233

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